Data Analysis, Method and Results including SPSS

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So we’ve collected data, now it’s time to analyse.

Awesome tip: Write your methods and results chapters while you’re doing your data analysis. You’ll have some idea on the methods your using already, but this really helped guide what I was going to do next.

Method – How to write, where to start

Philosophies, paradigms, epistemologies, atiologies – where to start and where does it all end?

Bless Saunders and thank you Dudovsky for introducing us. He created an onion. I used this to guide writing my method. Each layer is a heading within my methods chapter. I used Dudovsky’s chapter on methodologies for the topics to discuss within each section.

Wanna know more? Click here

Analysis of Saunders Research Onion - Thesismind

Data Analysis and Results

I’m totally new to SPSS, so I spent about 2 weeks understanding the basics (and terminology) first which really helped.

AWESOME Youtube Video: SPSS Tutorial for data analysis | SPSS for Beginners

While I was watching this, I set up a Microsoft notebook with these bits:

  • Overview
  • Terms
  • SPSS Commands

My tools that I had open while doing my data analysis and results:

  1. SPSS Survival Manual Pretty much just follow what this says and it’ll help you to clean, analyse and interpret your data like so:

2. Results chapter of my thesis: Find a thesis online that’s on a similar research topic to yours for ideas on structures, headings, content, interpreting results.

Fill it in while your going through the SPSS survival manual above.

Hope this helps 🙂

Till next time 🙂 Best of luck and you’ll do awesome.

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