The journey

  • Day 1
  • The most important thing for a PhD
  • PhD Talk – I speak funny now
  • Procrastination
  • Let’s procrastinate
  • Progress over perfection
  • It’s a journey
  • There is light at the end of the tunnel
  • Rest breath and live
  • Hello again old friend
  • Tired
  • Supervisors are human too
  • Changing supervisors
  • Dealing with difficult supervisors
  • You can do anything, it’s up to you


  • Research proposal ingredients
  • Research proposal the biggest speedbump
  • Theoretical frameworks for research
  • Structuring my proposal


  • How to write…when you don’t want to
  • Writing a journal article – scoping review
  • Systematic literature review – simple steps


  • How to organise your folders – coolest naming system ever

Data analysis

  • Data analysis, methods, results, SPSS
  • Qualitative analysis

Qualitative analysis

My Recipe

Because I’m mad, I decided on mixed methods (both quantitative and qualitative analysis). It’s a great way to stretch one’s mind, but for a structured, process-oriented person like me…this was a quite a challenge…so here’s what I used to wrap my head around qualitative analysis…

  1. Get an overview of qualitative analysis
    Qualitative vs Quantitative analysis

2. Types of qualitative analysis. As a newbie to qual, I started with thematic analysis by Braun & Clarke which is popular at the mo. Thematic analysis falls under the first type here (Basic qualitative/interpretive). TYPES OF QUALITATIVE RESEARCH

4. Coding.

The Essential Guide to Coding Qualitative Data

I used Nvivo software to help me grasp the concept of coding by showing me examples of codes and themes that could be identified from my data. This video broke thematic coding using Nvivo down nicely for me Nvivo Thematic Coding (Tip: Google the Nvivo and the version e.g. Nvivo 12 and type e.g. Mac or Windows as functions can be different).

Good luck and best wishes with your journey :)…