Tired. Just Tired.

Image result for hammered tired It could be that my quality of sleep is suffering thanks to my neighbour’s dog who won’t stop barking…(I have no idea how their owners sleep).

Or that it’s mid-year-itis where everyone needs a holiday…

But I’m super tired of having draft after draft, changed after changed…sooo tired…would be nice if we were all just perfect but…that’s the beauty of research right??…

How to eat an elephant…one bite at a time.

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Hello again old friend

Image result for happy newsHappy news, sorry for not saying hello in awhile.

Confirmation of candidature

So…I got my confirmation of candidature (you might have something different but for me it’s within the first year of your PhD and you present your study to a panel and they approve it as a project and to continue or change or crash).

Lessons learnt here was that these presentations are academic in natures (so no flamboyant TED talks).

  • Put alot of references into the presentation.
  • Spend more time on your methodology and significance of the study and less on your background.

Ethics approval

And I got ethics approval for my study.

Lessons learnt about ethics approval (depending on your topic):

  • Ethics approval for non-invasive, non-clinical/medical studies are simpler.  My study involves providing a training session, surveys and observations.  (So no blood required from any participants).
  • There is something called “dependent / unequal relationship” when you are in a position of authority over the participant like a teacher/student.  Where the participant (student) may feel that they should behave in a certain way or do certain things because you, as a teacher want them to.  You can address this risk by ensuring you provide a clear information sheet and consent form to each participant which specifies that they will not get into trouble or need to do anything in particular if they do or withdraw form the course.

This website has a simple overview on ethics relevant to Australian research studies: http://www.menzies.edu.au/page/Research/Ethics_approval/

And the research proposal is in – needed that to get the ethics approval 🙂

So now it’s onto the research and publications…I’m slightly tired coming down from the highs of completing those milestones above and scared as there’s just so much to do.

best wishes 🙂 until next time….