Dealing with difficult supervisors

So,  what happens when the supervisor starts throwing spanners into your work.  They have free reign and make decisions without consulting you and you wouldn’t know better anyway to say no…

It can be frustrating, but I found a solution.

  1. Just bear with it, if they mean well and you can live with it and overall you will get your PhD done, then just pick your battles.
  2. Focus on outcomes – rather than emotion.  What solution do you need?  Do you need encouragement from them?  Can you organise your project better to give them more regular updates to prevent them from micromanaging and annoying you?  Tell them what solution you need rather than get irritated and not having control over your own research (you’re still learning after all).

I found this article funny and helpful, hope it helps you too…

Difficult PhD supervisor angry


One thought on “Dealing with difficult supervisors

  1. That’s really nice. If your topic is difficult and at the same time the supervisor is also difficult, then it is really a difficult situation. The article is funny but true. Thanks for a good read.


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