Procrastination…I’m drowning…


So..guess what I’m struggling with today?..Procrastination…from finishing the 1 millionth draft of my research proposal…ARGHHH who’s idea was it to do a Phd?

Yes, blogging right now is probably part of it too but it’s also keeping me sane by helping express my frustration.  Right, I didn’t buy that one either.

So would you believe how many hits come up when you google “how to deal with procrastination in a phd?”  Seems like we all have this problem.

Here’s what I found:

  • the first 5 sites were stupid – “I have that same problem too haha” type stupid….I WANT ANSWERS!!!
  • This was kinda good:  Avoiding Procrastination – 6 Ways to Save Your PhD
  • It sounds like the best thing to do is to get to know yourself and what works for you…I totally forgot about my 1 hour (work/write) on 1 hour off thing (browse the net…play cooking fever)…

Now that I only have less than an hour left to go before sundown (that’s when my brain dies)…I guess I’ll just make peace with today and try again another day.

I’m human and…I’m sure my supervisor would have thrown something at me by now if I was really really going to not make it as she’s kind telepathic.  Peace out!

One thought on “Procrastination…I’m drowning…

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